Examples of Systems We Have Built

Boiler Feed Water Treatment Skid

Chemical feed for three boilers and one de-aerator with primary and standby pumps for all chemical feed services. 16 API-675 metering pumps in tandem with flowmeters consistently verify correct flow. Level gauges, transmitters and switches work together for accurate tank level monitoring.

Features welded stainless steel piping and instrument tubing with compression fittings, as well as welded steel baseplate with drip tray that is hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection. Contains a multi-compartment stainless steel tank for chemical storage and dilution.

State-of-the-art NEMA 4X SS control panel offers variable and fixed speed motor control. Additionally, wiring to all electrical devices is in rigid galvanized steel and flexible PVC coated conduit.

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Boiler Feed Water Treatment Skid Enclosure and Coolant Powered Chemical Feed Package

Boiler feed water chemical injection building for a large chemical plant that include three (3) separate metering pump skids each pumping different chemicals at pressures ranging from 75 psig to 1500 psig.  Each system includes a day tank with mixer, high level alarm, pressure relief valve, calibration column, and the required valves.  The building has a roll up door to allow for bulk, concentrated chemical in totes to be placed on a rack inside the building for dilution in the day tanks.  The piping is 316 SS tubing or welded polyethylene.  The baseplate, tote rack and skid frame are all galvanized against corrosion.  All welding on the structure and piping was performed per ASME IX.  The building has forced air ventilation for cooling, heat for winter freeze protection, and an overhead trolley for equipment removal.

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Metering System

Metering system for 50% sodium hydroxide (caustic). Includes carbon steel welded piping that included stress relief heat treatment and RT (X-ray) inspection. This system has a metering pump, suction & discharge piping that includes a strainer, pulsation dampener, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and forged steel gate valves for block, vent & drain purposes.

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Seal Cooler System

Seal cooler system that stores, cools and circulates cooling fluid to a mechanical seal on a mixer.  This system includes a regenerative turbine pump to circulate the cooling fluid from the tank, to the seal, and back though a forced air heat exchanger to the tank.  The on skid piping is a combination of threaded stainless steel pipe and instrument tubing with compression fittings.   The system includes a strainer, level transmitter, level switch, temperature indicator, temperature transmitter, pressure relief valve, supply and return pressure gauges, flow switch and flow transmitter.  It also includes a check valve and throttling valve to insure that adequate back pressure is maintained on the seal.  An on skid control panel provides local or remote control of the pump and fan, and a convenient single point connection for customer wiring of the instrumentation.

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Antifoam Metering System

Antifoam metering system for ultralow flow and moderately high discharge pressure (0.06 GPH maximum, 2000 psig).  This system uses a pneumatically driven metering pump, and includes a supply tank, tank vent flame arrestor, drive air pressure regulator, strainer, pressure relief valve, combined calibration column and level gauge, pressure gauge, and required isolation & block valves.   All process piping is stainless steel instrument tubing with compression fittings.

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Water Transfer Pump Enclosure System

Water transfer pump enclosure system for a power plant. This system has two baseplate mounted ANSI centrifugal pumps with suction strainers, flexible expansion joints, discharge check valves and pressure gauges. A bypass manifold with flow regulating restriction orifices is also included (allows pumps to maintain minimum continuous stable flow when/if the process discharge is shut in). Inlet, outlet and recirculation manifolds are welded carbon steel construction. All of this equipment is mounted on a welded steel baseplate inside of prefabricated insulated steel building. The building has forced air ventilation for summer cooling, heating for winter freeze protection, an overhead trolley hoist for moving heavy equipment during maintenance.

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Additive Metering System

Additive metering system includes a variable speed metering pump, suction strainer, calibration column, pulsation dampener, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, discharge flow meter and an automated three way flush valve. Process piping is threaded stainless steel and instrument tubing with compression fittings. An on skid control panel includes a VFD for controlling motor speed, LOCAL OFF REMOTE controls, and terminals for customer field connections.

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Hydrotest System

The hydrotest systems includes a hydraulic fluid storage tank, a triplex pump for high volume, moderate pressure precharge, and a pneumatic low volume, high pressure charge pump. The test vessel is rated for 10,000 psig. Interconnecting piping is with hydraulic hoses and instrument tubing with compression and autoclave fittings.