Superior Package Systems Design Process

Step 1 – Analyze the Issue

PR DR CAD 8 23 2013 b
System projects start in a couple ways but most start during a conversation about a particular issue or problem in a plant.  Our Sales Engineers are trained to analyze pumping systems, record the necessary data and discuss the possible solutions with the customer.  Once the need is identified our engineers evaluate the best solution for the customer basis the data collected on site by our Sales Engineer.


Step 2 – Propose a Solution

It is important to work collaboratively during the design process to increase the success of the end product.  Hence the Superior approach is as follows:

  • Develop a P&ID and finalize it with the customer
  • Review the customer’s specifications
  • Generate a scope of supply basis the specifications and P&ID
  • Submit a priced proposal with pricing and basic layout drawing
  • Collaboratively refine the scope of supply and layout with the customer to ensure the solution matches the customer’s expectations

Step 3 – Order Entry & Engineering

After a collaborative effort to design the system the order is entered into our manufacturing schedule.  The first step is to develop a Gantt chart schedule that details the steps required, contractual milestones with due dates, and timing for each action.  The final P&ID is issued to the customer with a 3D model General Arrangement drawing.  Once these are approved the layers on the 3D model are removed and the fabrication drawings are issued for production.  Submittals for the major items on the skid are generated for review by the customer and the items are ordered after approval.

Step 4 – Manufacturing & Testing

Superior Industrial Equipment has a manufacturing process which ensures first class, consistent quality including:

  • manufacturing processQualified ASME IX code welding procedures for steel and stainless steel
  • ASME IX code welders qualified to our procedures
  • Manufacturing hold points as required for customer inspections
  • Certified hydrotesting
  • Electrical functional testing & System air testing
  • Performance testing on metering pump systems if required
  • Custom Inspection Test Plans (ITP) if required
  • Special testing as required by customer specifications
  • Progress reports on a monthly basis as a minimum

Step 5 – Shipment & Start-Up

The systems are final inspected for conformance to the contract and the P&ID.  The appropriate safety tags are added and the skids are packaged for shipment.  All skids are wrapped for weather protection and short term storage.  Boxing and packaging for long term storage are available as required by the contract.  The instruction manual with the final submittals is delivered to the customer during the shipment of the skid.

Superior Industrial Equipment can provide onsite start up services including installation, functional testing, training and start up.  Our Sales Engineers will be on site to answer any questions and assist with the startup process.

Step 6 – Field Service & Aftermarket Support

The support of our systems in the field is important to Superior Package Systems. We never want to take a customer for granted and assume all clients are identical. By anticipating our customer’s needs we take a proactive approach to services and support that is efficient, effective and effortless. We have highly trained field service personnel to assist with start-up, troubleshooting and routine maintenance on all packaged systems. Our experienced customer service department is available by phone to help with support and spare parts. We always strive to create a positive economic impact for our clients organization.